Your real estate transaction will be hassle-free with us.

ACS Knox Title conducts closings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for every county in Ohio and at any location. We can close for any type of loan: reverse mortgages, conventional, FHA, VA, Rural Housing Development. ACS Knox Title is one of the largest Ohio Bar Agencies in the State of Ohio. Their employees have a total of over 150 years in the title business.

Document Retrieval Service

We will obtain for you the survey, tax card, Auditor’s appraisal card, plat map, and recorded deed saving you a trip to the Courthouse. For lenders needing to verify child support, we pull support orders from the Clerk of Courts’ office. These services are provided in every county in Ohio as part of our closing services.

Closing/Escrow Services

From the initial order, your real estate transaction will be hassle-free. We perform a title examination, order surveys, obtain payoffs, prepare all needed documents, prepare the closing statement, conduct the closing, disburse funds, transmit payoffs, record the documents and issue final title insurance policies – all in a time frame that fits your convenience.